Recently, Bizosys enabled a Telecom company avoid costly failures in its infrastructure by predicting faults with 90% accuracy. Bizosys builds next generation business solutions for its clients, on its award winning big data analytics product HSearch.

Bizosys implemented business solutions in big data and predictive analytics for clients across industries; from startups to enterprises, niche product and analytics companies.

Our Work

A Telecom Company

Reduce downtime and cost of failures in telecom equipment, through early detection and prevention of failures.

A telecom tower product company was seeking to move from a reactive to proactive operation mode. Telecom towers are purpose built for redundancy that is costly since incidents are hard to predict and downtime leads to lost business and brand erosion.

The predictive analytics solution from Bizosys is now able to predict half the failures with 92% accuracy with a minimum lead time of 2 hours.

Interactive clinical research in minutes rather than hours, saving time and money throughout the research lifecycle.

A Pharma Research Company

When a US based software product company servicing Fortune 500 Pharma companies needed to query terabytes of disparate information, Bizosys created a solution using HSearch to provide answers in seconds. New studies are now made available in minutes as opposed to hours previously.

"Using Bizosys' powerful search engine HSearch, PointCross will now be able reduce search time for Pharma Researchers and they will be able to rapidly see patterns in data that otherwise would have been impossible to achieve."

- Raja Ramesh Tummala, Chief Software Architect, Pointcross Inc.

Bizosys partners with clients to bring their business initiatives to market. You can read more about the work we have done for clients here. Write to to discuss your business initiative.


Bizosys offers big data consulting and solution development on HSearch, the search and analytics engine on Hadoop.

Data Harvesting

Not all data powering an analytics solution comes from structured databases; sometimes data is inside hard to crawl websites, secured enterprise applications or locked inside pdf reports and scanned images. Data Harvesting module from HSearch crawls, extracts, transforms and enriches this data so it is primed for mining business insights.

Big Data Search & Query

Analyzing large datasets is often slow and inefficient due to sheer data volumes of the present day business. Most of our client engagements start with this situation. The Search solutions deployed on HSearch guarantee response times in milliseconds and seconds on 100s of Terabytes of data across documents and structured datasets.

Accurate Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics is a combination of pattern matching algorithms, self-learning system and realtime analytics on big data. HSearch's predictive analytics engine combines all these capabilities for highly accurate predictive analytics. HSearch Predictive Analytics solutions are ideal to be deployed for machine data from industrial meters, devices, sensors and IT infrastructure.

Contact to know more about our offerings and to discuss your business initiative.

A realtime search and analytics engine on Hadoop

HSearch Product Architecture

HSearch excels in its ability to perform real-time search and analytics on both text content and database records. The scale and performance of HSearch is due to its unique indexing algorithms, multiple data structures tailored to nature of data and parallel data processing, keeping the overall cost of infrastructure to the minimum. This is complemented with enterprise security features of enforceable access rights and encryption for sensitive data.

Learn more about HSearch at

Visit to see a full list of Bizosys contributions to Opensource.

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Meet the team

"I love software, because if you can imagine something, you can build it."

- Ray Ozzie

Sunil Guttula

CEO, Sales & Partnerships

Abinasha Karana

CTO, Chief Architect

Sridhar Dhulipala

Research & Design

Want to know more? | a little about us

Bizosys Technologies, founded in January 2009, is a Bangalore based software engineering company. In the area of Bigdata, Bizosys is an acknowledged expert, an opensource contributor and a speaker at conferences. Bizosys developed HSearch which is a realtime, distributed search engine on Hadoop and made it opensource. HSearch forms the backbone for search and analytics solutions dealing with structured and unstructured data.

Bizosys was recently featured in The Economic Times "Hot startup: Bangalore-based firm helps scientists gain insights out of billions of records" (18th Jan 2013)
Bizosys presented "Big Data Best Practices for Hadoop on Azure" at Microsoft Teched 2012
Bizosys presented at Hadoop Summit 2011, Bangalore. View the presentation
Bizosys is a recipient of Nasscom's IP4BIZ 2012 award - Top 10 "Made in India" Software Product companies presented at Interop 2012, Mumbai.

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